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BWK garden room...

If you are thinking about adding that much needed space to your property then a BWK garden room is the perfect solution...


Why a BWK Garden room?

With many years experience building timber framed houses across the southeast coast we have now put the same methods together to create the perfect product with a BWK garden room. Every room is bespoke and designed and built to our customers specifications to suit your needs. We offer a turnkey experience so as soon as we hand the keys over your room is ready for you to use all year round.


Whether you want a home office, extra living space, games room or a gym, our garden rooms are the perfect choice for you.

The Process... 

Site survey.

After our initial contact a member of the team will come to your property for a free site survey. At this stage they will measure the area for the room, listen to your ideas and needs and discuss options that would be possible to you. We would then come away and forward you a quote via email with no pushy sales tactics. 

The Quote.

The quote will include everything we discussed on the day with regards to your build and design. Breaking down the options you have chosen for your room such as cladding finish's, bifold door and windows, skylights, decking, flooring, electrical options and much more.

At this stage we can change things on the quote if there is something your are not quite set on to make it your perfect bespoke room that's been build just how you envisioned. 

The Build.

The build, after you have confirmed you are happy with everything in the quote we would ask for a deposit to secure your chosen date for install. 

We will arrive to your property on your chosen date of install and depending on the size of the build we will be around from anything from 4 days to 2 weeks. We are all polite, tidy and self efficient we will leave your garden looking the same as we arrived just with a stunning new BWK garden room for you to enjoy.


Our Features...


Our base works are built to last.

We construct our base work using pressure treated timber and the best fixings on the market. Once the base is temporary levelled in place we then dig holes throughout the base and fill them with concrete. When the concrete has set we then level the frame work by setting composite plastic post on top of the concrete and then level frame work and screw to our posts.


Our Electrical options are endless we offer a full comprehensive solution for all your needs. We provide a full package internal and external lighting, full internet setup, smart lights, sockets exc. We also offer inverters that will heat your new room in the winter and keep it cool in the summer so you can enjoy maximum comfort in your space. 


Our buildings are designed and built for all year use. The way we insulate and build our rooms is done to achieve maximum economical benefits to you, they are built to keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We achieve this standard of build by  using PIR insulation in the floor, walls and roof, we also double down on this by using a SFTV thermal vapour barrier.


We know the look and finish on your garden room is important thats why we offer a range of cladding options for you to choose from all of which are designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space. From classic Cedar to modern Composite, we have a variety of materials to choose from to suit your personal style and budget. Our commitment to quality means you can rest assured that your garden room will look beautiful and retain its appearance for years to come.



We understand that each customer has their unique preferences and accordingly we offer a range of glazing options. Our garden rooms can be installed with bifold doors, sliding doors exc, we offer aluminium units as standard, making them durable, long-lasting, and sustainable. In addition, we also offer skylight options that enhance the ambiance of your room, bringing extra light and airiness to the space. 

At BWK our passion is creating unique, one-of-a-kind features for your new room. Whether it's a striking feature wall, a beautiful decking area with a outdoor kitchen, or a bespoke built-in bar, we have the expertise and creativity to bring your ideas to life. Our team is dedicated to crafting high-quality, custom solutions that perfectly match your style and personality. We take pride in our work and always strive to exceed your expectations.


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